Delivering consistent and reliable products and services in Oil & Gas, Power and infrastructure development have contributed significantly to the growth and good will of Maamaar International.

Either it is supply or services our wholly independent business unit ensure the best possible prices, delivery time and service. The groups commitment to development of local community and its corporate social responsibility remains stronger as it moves to different strategic location encompassing USA, Africa and Afghanistan.

Many factors have contributed to our company’s success. Naturally, the scope and quality of the projects we build for our customers are among the most evident. Yet other factors—more difficult to measure but just as real—define who we are and how we are perceived as a company. One of the most important of these factors is our commitment to ethics—fair and ethical behavior in the conduct of our business, including compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Ethics, integrity, and fairness are business imperatives because without them, we don’t have a business we can be proud of.


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